It’s out and: disapointing. I’m reading the features list and the only thing is: “Added support for displacement maps” and the floating-point color buffer. Other than that: “Added a limited form of flow control to version 2.0 vertex shaders”, “Added a scissor test”, not much of an improvement.

OpenGL is still king and ruller of them all!!

uhm, no… thats the main feature list. but yes, it is not a complete revision like dx8 was… still it has some great features…

happy downloading for all radeon 9500/9700 users

tons of nice stuff…

i like both gl and dx, now something new in the dx world, so now i’ll take some time for dx…

oh, and believe me, the new pixelshaders are an imense improvement… first time real shaders possible (see humus demos, and now… uhm… ati demos )

it has some major features currently gl does not expose… one beats the other, the other beats one… back and forth and back and forth…

the best of all is coding in c# now will be fun, real fun

There’s also the new Radeon SDK 2.0. I doubt there is any OpenGL stuff in the 140MB zip but you never know .

unfortuately c# interface to DX9 is just
wrapper. OpenGL is still much elegent
interface compared to clumsy DX9.

There’s is few feature DX9 I liked like
ability to debug shader and effects library.

But overall, you still have to grind your
teeth in order to program DX9.

it is not a complete revision like dx8 was…

Hmmm, if it’s true, then this fact alone is a complete revision of DX design…

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