DX 8.0a = Better then OpenGl!??!

Before i formatted my computer i got 99.9 fps @ 1280 x 960 in counter-strike. This was after working with settings etc… Now after formatting and trying hard to restore the computer to what it was like before… im getting “capped” at 60.0 fps. However when i use directx at 1280x960 i get 99.9 fps. I still prefer opengl over directx this is why im asking this question… if anyone can offer me any advice it would be greatly appriciated. By the way i have: 1.33ghz athlon, Leadtek GeForce2 pro 32mb, and Viewsonic A75F

You probably have the v-sync setting enabled. v-sync tells then driver to wait for the monitor to do a vertical retrace before swapping buffers.