duplicate node in skeleton structure

I got a skeleton node structure that looks like this:

<node id="Point14-node" sid="Bone47" type="JOINT">
    <node id="Point17-node" type="NODE">
         <node id="Bone26-node" sid="Bone26" type="JOINT">
              <node id="Bone27-node" sid="Bone27" type="JOINT">

Then the skin controllers are defined as follows:

        <instance_controller url="#Object01-mesh-skin">

(Actually I removed a lot of details to make it readable)
Now, you can see the problem, “Bone26-node” is already a child of “Point14-node”, so it’s being included twice. What are you ment to do in this case? Why does it include the same node twice?

Experimenting, I found I seems that the maya plugin creates these duplicate skeleton elements on a random basis. Maybe this be a bug?

Looks like the collada_rt program doesn’t know how to handle this case either. CrtSceneRead.cpp(2132):
if (skeleton_array.getCount() > 1)
CrtPrint("There are more than one skeleton, RT is not supported yet

Although the example is valid it is also redundantly using <skeleton>. Given that the nodes are nests, the search path given by the second element is enough to bind all the nodes since it is the outermost node of the hierachy:


The only time that content needs to include more then one <skeleton> element is when the whole skeleton is described by unrelated node hierarchies.

In this case, the Maya plug-in does not need to export two <skeleton> elements.