Dual nvidia GT 120 (on MacPro)


I am planning to buy a MacPro with two Nvidia GT120 to do some heavy OpenCL computation. I am wondering how are managed these 2 cards in OpenCL. Are they 2 different OpenCL devices (each with 4 compute units) ? Or is it an unique device with more compute units (8 compute units) ?
Many thanks


The two cards will show up as separate CL devices and you will have to figure out how to split your work across them.

With that said, the GT120 is a very low-end card. If you want to do serious work you’ll want to get some GTX285s and put them in. With appropriate power splitters you can fit two of those and a GT120 for graphics in a Mac Pro. The GTX285s sold on the Apple store will work with OpenCL on OS X out of the box. Of course your best bet would be to wait for a Fermi card, but who knows when there will be an Apple-supported version of that available.

Many thanks for your response. I thought that graphic cards shipped with Mac Pros were good…
Maybe, I should wait for the new mac pro…
The GTX285 could be a good alternative.