Dual Fullscreen Wackiness on Windows 7


I’m running into a weird problem attempting to set dual monitors to fullscreen mode on a 480GTX. This is on Windows 7 64bit using OpenGL. I have some code that basically takes two windows on two different monitors and fullscreens them. When the program is in windowed mode everything renders correctly. But right after I switch the monitors to fulllscreen mode - everything on the second monitor disappears. It seems like a drawing problem since the monitor can still take input just fine. Seems like maybe it may have lost all the resources that are bound to its context - I’m not sure.

I’ve tested this on a machine that uses an ATI Raden 5700 and it works as it should. I unfortunately don’t have another nvidia card to test against.

Was wondering if anyone has ran into a problem similar to this?


So it is definitely a draw problem. I wrote a simple test program to just draw polygons on both screens w/o any resources at all. The Primary monitor is able to draw without problems in fullscreen mode. The second monitor just simply has no output.

Check your nVidia control panel; if your “multi-display performance mode” is in a certain setting, I cannot recall which, the renderer will only work on one screen at once.

Thanks. I’ve checked this and tried every possible option to no avail. I don’t think I’m running just one renderer though. I have two separate windows - both with their separate contexts.

The thing that’s a mystery to me is that when the application first starts up, I can see a few frames rendering on the second display as it should. However, immediately after that the display goes dark. It’s as if the driver is purposely turning off output to the second display when it detects it’s in full screen mode.

I’m having this same issue, has anyone figured out the cause or a resolution?

I have a simple app that can go fullscreen. It works fine on my primary monitor, but simply shows a black screen if I try to run it on my secondary monitor.

I’m using Windows 7 x64 with an nVidia NVS 3100M graphics card.
This is happening with both pure OpenGL and OpenSceneGraph.


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