DRM_RADEON_TEXTURE error message

Can somebody tell me where this error, which makes my program crash, come from ?!
Thanks a lot :wink:

DRM_RADEON_TEXTURE: return = -11
   image width=256 height=256
    blit width=1024 height=256 data=0xacdd4200

It comes from line 253 from main.c :smiley:
No… Seriously, I guess noone will be able to tell you where it comes from.

At first glance it’s from your driver, but I’m almost sure it’s an error from you.

If you don’t both give your code and a good explanation of what you want to do and how you decided to do it, it will be the game of riddles.

kind regards

sometimes while the program is running, it suddenly stop, and i’ve got this message on my output.
On the web I’ve founded radeon_drm.h but I can’t cacth what it is :frowning:
[I hope someone who had that kind of problem would see this topic !!!]
thx u all :wink: