Driver setup for Radeon Mobility

My notebook is a HP Pavillion 4420us. The card is a Radeon Mobility 320 IGP and is referenced under Linux as a Radeon Mobility U1.

I did go to ati site and downloaded and installed the fglrx drivers (had to uninstall Mesa from Fedora). Ok instillation went through but when I try to lauch X I get the error:

[EE] No Devices Detected

Fatal Server Error
No screens found.

I’ve gone through my XF86config; compared it to my original config to determine if any funcions are incorrectly referrenced but all seems to be well.

Why can’t any devices be detected if the setup indicated successful install?

Can you post part of your XF86config file ? That one which says Driver=… and Screen=… or similar. With X windows there are actually two drivers. One is the video hardware driver that is installed as module, just like any other hardware module. The other one is the X windows driver (something…drv), it’s kept somewhere in /usr/X11R6 (or wherever you installed X windows). You need both to make your setup work, and XF86config refers to the X windows driver, not the module.


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