Driver Problem

Ok, this has probably been heard a million times.

I have a voodoo 3000 agp card(yes it sucks but it was free), and i was developing in windows 98. With good frame rates(90-150 fps) But reciently my hardrive crashed, and i decided to install windows 2000. So i did, installed visual studio again, and went to 3dfx and got the new drivers. But now opengl is running in software mode with no acceleration giving me around 4 fps. In 98 you just copied the 3dfx dll over the crappy microsoft one, but in 2000 that doesnt work. as the old crappy ms dll is just overwritten back over the 3dfx one. Anyone have any ideas? thanks.

Yes, that card sucks.

Anyway, what are you trying to copy over? If your trying to overwrite opengl32.dll, then that is very bad. If you must do that, just do it in the local directory where the program is at. I thought that 3dfx made a full opengl?? I think your trying to use the minigl (ick).

If i put the DLL in the local directory will it use that dll as defualt rather then the other? Or will i have to load the dll or something?

The local directory is the first place where a dll is looked for by an application.

The root directory with the .exe? because it still isnt working