Driver Nvidia 195.62 problem

In: … _Notes.pdf

it is said:

Release 195 supports the Open Computing Language (OpenCL) 1.0 for all GeForce 8?
series and later GPUs.

Indeed, the driver includes:

  • a new nvcompiler.dll file Version, NVIDIA Compatible Compiler, Version 195.62
  • a new OpenCL.dll file that is defined as: Khronos OpenCL ICD, version, company Khonos Group (instead of Nvidia Corporation)

I tried it with SDK samples but it doesn’t works at all on XP and a 9600GT.
Is there someone who know something about it or what is my mistake ? :cry:

I had similar problem,

with ForceWare 196.21 & GPU Computing SDK from here:

it seems the issues are gone and I can use the SDK without problem on 9500GT.