Driver Issues with OpenGL in win2k with Voodoo3 3500TV

I am running Windows 2000 with a 3dFX Voodoo3 3500TV. Now, I have a problem with OpenGL for some reason. I try running the game “Alice,” but I get the following error message: GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem … So, then the program shuts down, and that’s it. What the hell? I’m going to assume that that means I have faulty OpenGl drivers, yes? But I’ve installed a driver package (Win2k beta 4) for my card. I checked the files, and OpenGL drivers should have been installed. Why do they not work? And what makes this more frustrating, OpenGL’s little GL Setup program doesn’t work with Win2k yet. FURTHERMORE, 3dFX went out of business, making my life hell because I can’t get any support. Please give me some suggestions!

Please reply to this guy- I need to know the answer too, and I know all you people are really smart. So help with this problem! It is not specific to the game “Alice” I don’t think.

The best advice I can give to all Voodoo users:

Stick to Windows98 or Windows98SE

At least for this OS’es you can get “Final” drivers that work (more or less).

Otherwise go to the shop around the corner and buy a new graphic board.

I scrapped my thrusty old V2 and V1 a long time ago.

Face it, 3DFX is dead.

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