Driver emulated vp

I’d like to switch to VBO. AFAIK, GF2 line emulates vp on CPU through driver, so VBO+vp is worst thing I could do. Is there some kind of check to determine (at run time) is vp performed on CPU/GPU, to choose right codepath?

You mean VAR+vp is the worst thing? I dont think that using vbo+vp will slow you down, because driver can detect usage of VERTEX_PROGRAM and move your data to system memory. Only in VAR application is responsible for allocating memory, so it knows the address. In VBO memeory is managed by the driver, you retrieve address of memory by locking the array, and after Unlock the point is invalid (so says the spec).
And yes, I have recently tested this mixture on GF2 and it is fast, as I expected.


get new drivers and its fast. it quickly got a known issue wich had to be resolved, and is done so.


UGU, 43.51 @ 19MB