Driver consistencies for OpenGL

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

So, I would like to start developing games using SLD2 coupled with OpenGL.

Now, the choice was either to learn DirectX or use OpenGL which I’m already familiar with as I’ve used it a bit before. The primary reason for using OpenGL is for the cross-platform support (even though the market share for Linux is not all that high, as a small developer it doesn’t hurt supporting multiple platforms!).

Now, as cross-platform support is the primary reason for me picking OpenGL instead of learning the DirectX API, I still do have some worries.

How is the driver consistency for OpenGL? What I mean is, if I do develop my game with OpenGL, will I run into a lot of trouble with vendor specific implementations not exactly behaving as I want to, or is the support good across the board in 2016? Because a very seductive thing about DirectX is the very same as its weakness: That it’s closed and controlled under Microsoft, as from what I’ve heard driver support for DirectX is excellent compared to OpenGL, however I do not know how true this is.

Does anyone have any insights into this? :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much!

Here’s one developer’s perspective on the matter.

Well that’s bleak… :stuck_out_tongue: