Drawing with vbos not showing anything in nvidia graphics card as compared to intel graphics card

I have implemented vbo based rendering but i can see the data when my active gpu renderer is Intel, but when its nvidia i do not see anything. Any particular reason for this?
This seems to be happening for some files but not all. Is there something i am missing.

PS- I am rendering the model using GL_TRIANGLES and have a single buffer object where i put all the data. Have a simple vertex and fragment shader.

Almost certainly. But there’s no way to tell based upon the information given.

The first thing to do is to check for any run-time errors with glGetError or using debug output. You could also use debugging tools such as Nsight.

Thanks for your response @GClements. I do not see any errors from glGetError.
Also i notices that in debug mode i see the models perfectly. Its only in the release version that this strange behaviour is happening.

In debug mode, i can see all the files in both intel and nvidia renderer. But in release some files are not shown while some are shown in case of nvidia.

Since it is not happening in debug mode, i am not sure if debugging tools will help. Do Comment.

In which case, it’s going to be the kind of thing that’s almost impossible for anyone else to track down.

OpenGL debugging tools won’t be affected by the options which were used to compile the code. They only care about what OpenGL functions are called and with what data.

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