Drawing several meshes

Hi all,
I have a couple of distinct meshes. Each mesh has vertex pos/normal/uv coord. Currently, I have setup a separate vao for each mesh (each VAO has a VBO for vertices/uv and normals) so in pseudocode it is something like this

for i:1 to N
   bind vao[i]
      ARRAY_BUFFER <- vertVBO
         (BufferData <- vertices

      ARRAY_BUFFER <- normalVBO
         (BufferData <- normals

         (BufferData <- uv coords.

      ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER <- indices
end for

for i:1 to N
   bind vao[i]
     glDrawElements (...)  
end for

My question is, is this efficient in terms of performance. What other alternates do i have and how do i decide which to choose. From my preliminary search, I have found glMultiDrawElements which consolidates the multiple drawelements call into a single call. Is there any other alternate?

From your code, I could say that maybe you should use only vao/vbo since you call glDrawElements for each of your vao/vbo.

Hey moby, what language do you use for your GL program? It looks like octave or maybe matlab?

Hi i said its just a pseudocode representation. I work in c++ though anyways thanks for the inputs.