Drawing program that exports as OGL code?


I just spent hours and hours coding up a cat head. Piece by piece. I can not draw and it looks awful - it doesn’t even really look like cat! There has to be a better way!!?!?

There must be software out there to help me draw 3D object and export them as opengl calls that I can just cut and paste into my code??

Thanks for any suggestions…


Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration is able to do the trick - you can use many import format and export the result as C code. Googling of “Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration” will give you a lot of links, the bad thing is that program may require the licensing (about $250), but as i remember it was shareware later, so you can get free evaluation copy and give it a try at least…

I found on the net a plugin for 3dsmax that exported OGL code but it wasn’t very good.
DeepExploration is way better.
here is the link: http://www.righthemisphere.com/products/dexp/