Drawing NURBS by calling glNewList...glEndList

I am currently learning drawing NURBS surface using opengl. A curious thing is that:

when I put the NURBS surface rendering code between glNewList…glEndList, the surface shown on screen is distorted, while I implement the rendering code without using calllist, the surface is rendered perfect. Does this means that the glNewList is not suitable to be used with NURBS rendering function?

The two images is given here:

and the distorted image is:

Your images aren’t visible to me.

Anyway, I don’t see any reason why display lists can’t be used to render NURBs. There are a bunch of reasons why your code might not work in display lists. The first one that comes to mind is you might be calling a function inside the display list, which is not allowed to be inside a display list.

Could you post some code?