Drawing lines on top

I’m working on an app that draws many polys and lines. I want certain lines to draw on top of everything else. How do I do this? Right now I have

glVertex3d(v1x, v1y, v1z);
glVertex3d(v2x, v2y, v2z);
glVertex3d(v3x, v3y, v3z);
glVertex3d(v4x, v4y, v4z);

It’s drawing the line underneath everything.

Thanks for your help.


If you disable depth testing (glDisable(GL_DEPTH_TEST)), any new line will be drawn over the old ones. That however disables the z-test, so also object that you would like not to see might be drawn then.

I think you might find glPolygonOffset to be of use.

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Thanks to everyone for all the help. I think I have it.

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