drawing knots need faster render times

i’m drawing knots using cylinders and spheres. i use quadratic objects for both. i am currently using display lists to draw the spheres. i am also using the depth buffer. my problem is that there can be as many as 1000 spheres and 1000 cylindes and the computer i use has no video card, at least not a good one, and this procedure can become very slow. i thought of vertex arrays but was unsure of how to use them in this situation and also unsure if they would make that big of a difference. i cannot use billboarding because all of the knot is close to the screen and it doesn’t seem reasonable. if anyone has anyother sugestions on how to make the process more efficient i would appreciate it. Incus


If you want to use the vertex array in order to make it faster, you must (AFAIK) define the vertex data by your own, without glu commands (no quadratics). You can also use Vertex Array Range, but you have to use some video card for that (the vertex data will be sent to the AGP memory or the video card memory).