drawing bitmaps

Hey !
i don’t know if you have seen the article about the game Glest at opengl.org, there are bitmaps drawn on the 3d scene to tell the player the amount of food,wood and ressource. This is my pb : i don’t know how to put ,let’s say a bitmap in an array, on the screen. I have tested to texture a quad but the result is not good, i have tested glDrawPixels but i have no good results … If someone can help me.

not very sure of what your problem is. but try nehe.gamedev.net. you might find the solution to your problem there.

the question is : how can i draw bitmaps? (for example saved in a file)

DrawPixels and texturing are your only 2 options. When you say the result is not good do you mean in terms of quality or speed?

After load any image file and keep pixel data in pointer to unsigned char
type then use glDrawPixels() to draw image to color buffer with your above image data

it was because texturing was not disabled. Thank for your answers.