drawing arbitrary curves

i need to draw a curve whose finite number of points are known. so if i take a large number of points i will get a good approximation of the curve. i need to know whether the evaluators or NURBS utilities in opengl will do the trick for me. please help me out.

it depends.

Nurbs are really powerful to make good splines by specifying control points.
But there are disadventages using NURBS. They are generally not optimized and you must always calculate the real points over the spline if you need them (generally from Bézier functions).

I’m not good enough in evaluators in order to speak of them.

If you need to know all the surface points of your curve, then I’d recommand you use anything you want to create it (like Bézier function or a modeler), then keep as much points on the surface (not the control points) as necessary for having a good level of detail.

Hope that helps.