Drawing a plant stem

Im trying to draw a curved stem but when i use GL_POLYGON it doesnt do the left hand side of the curve.If i use GL_LINE_LOOP it does the curve but i need the stem to be fully colored. Any ideas?

You don’t give much detail, but my guess is that you are trying to use GL_POLYGON to draw a single concave polygon. You can only draw convex polygons with GL_POLYGON. Try breaking it up into multiple convex polygons.

If i use GL_LINE_LOOP is there any way of filling in the shape afterwards.

You mean is there something like glFloodFill()? I’m afraid not. You could probably do your own flood fill routine to use in a texture or to use in glDrawPixels, but it probably isn’t a very good way of doing it. Depending on what exactly your stem looks like, I would think you could break it up into a quad strip fairly easily. Is it just a stem, or does it also have branches?