Drawing a Hemisphere

I am trying to draw a hemisphere. I see the commands for a sphere (gluSphere or glutSolidSphere), but I was wondering how I would go about drawing half a sphere. Is there I command that I missing. Please let me know. Thank you.

there is no glu/glut function for rendering a hemisphere. you are probably going to have to hack it out yourself. or find someone on the web who has done it already. you might want to look for websites that have examples of CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry). this feature is used in Quake-style level editors. for example, you create a wall, then you create a block that’s about the size of a door, and use this block to cuta hole in the wall, then delete the block. now your wall has a hole in it. (internally, the editor breaks the wall up into several sections.) doing this with a sphere would be a little more difficult. good luck