Drawing a 3D arc

i m a part of a team developing a tool for a construction company.
pls tell me, how can i draw 3D arcs of any degree using openGL??

Bezier and spline curves can be created with GLU, have a look at the GLU documentation.



i think i did not make the question clear. actaully i want to draw 3D arcs which are cylindrical. they r like bent cylinder. pls help me.

Bezier/spline surfaces in GLU.

It is a bit messy to setup all the control points and knots by hand.

You might be interested in using some other library with more support for splines curves and surfaces like interpolation and generation of primitive surfaces like cylinders and so on.

For CAD applications you might want to have a peek at www.opencascade.com / www.opencascade.org


Originally posted by the_rising:
they r like bent cylinder. pls help me.
Help you with what exactly? How to setup NURBS using GLU? How to setup OpenGL in general? Or the math that is involved?

I understand that you want to draw curved cylinders but it would help a lot if you where more specific about what exactly you are having trouble with.