Drawing a 11 sided prism cube

Hi guys,

I am new to opengl. I need your advise on finding out the easiest way to draw a 11 sided prism cube.

Please bring me to a sample or a short code write up give me an ideas.

you could specify the vertex points to the polygon

I learn from somewhere that i can use cos , sin with the degree to build up the sided prism cube.

if using vertex, it will be taking years.

I think by using cos, sin with the degree, it will be faster, am i right or wrong?

so far, i have no ideas how to use that to build it.

any sample or a small code write up will be appreciate.


you need the formula to draw an 11 sided prism

Hi zukko,

I had just email you on my problem.
Hope to talk to you in email.

anyone have sample on how to draw a 11 sided prism ?

Hi, I’m a newbie to OpenGL too. Also seeking for help to draw a 11-sided, 6-sided and 8-sided prism. Can someone help me??? Sorry to hijack this discussion.