drawing 2*X nurb surface

Can some one give me an example of how to setup Nurb-surface Rendering of 2*X control point

like 2*4 nurb surface

float ctrlPoint[2][4][3] = {

I tried different knot & order value but cant make it work


May be, you could be more specific about what you tried to do and what is a nurb surface? I have already seen this a modeling software application like 3dsmax, but I don’t know how it is rendered.

I 've just fixed the problem , Sorry for not specific.

I tried to use gluNurbsSurface to render 2*X dimension nurb surface.

the problem is I use tOrder = X
like when X = 13 , tOrder = 13 , tKnotCount = 26

which is not working when X is exceed certain value

So I just split the surface into multiple 2*4 and use gluNurbsSurface to render each surface
which is working fine.