DrawElements triangle_strip 79402 count, 30 fps

I draw 3D scene, it contains one terrain mesh.

my render method does only two things:


glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP, count, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, 0)

count =79402

I use one buffer for vertex+normal; lighting and texturing are in fragment shader.
OpenGL 3.3
GTX 960
My FPS is ~30. Is it good?
I saw through forums people draw millions of polygons with higher fps, but doesnt notice do they apply lighting and texturing.

With count = 44552 , I have ~40 FPS
count = 19702, ~80 FPS

I run my code on other machine with embedded Intel HD 4400 gpu and mesa drivers (forget to say i use ubuntu 16.04).
It gives better result then my machine with GTX 960 (ubuntu 16.04 too).

Installing nvidia proprietary driver solved the problem.
Now, my code draw even 179102 textured triangles with 60fps.