i am completely new to openGL.

i am using codewarrior on a mac.
in my class at school, we are tweaking code to change around a program. in the library we are given, we are able to draw filled circles and squares. i want to draw an arc. i have found on the internet, the
‘drawArc’ command, but it will not work in my code, i am assuming, because i do not have the libarary to make it work.

can someone tell me what library and which command will enable me to draw an arc? and also, what parameters are in that command are involved that define its shape?


As drawArc is not part of OpenGL, I doubt anyone here could say with any certainty what function in particular you are talking about without first saying what library it is from. On the otherhand, drawing an arc in OpenGL is fairly trivial. You just need to know the starting angle, the ending angle, and the radius. Then you could draw the arc in standard position using either a line strip of sufficient resolution, or a triangle strip if you wanted the arc to have some thickness (in which case you would also need to know the inner radius).

I forgot, you could also just use gluPartialDisk to draw an arc.

thanks, ill give it a shot.

i dont have any concern for the drawArc command (i just stumled across it online). to be specific, all i am trying to do is put a smile on a smiley face icon.