Draw mutliple paths to a single path

Hello everyone,

I’m using OpenVG on a Rpi3, and so far it works great. I am however having difficulties with texts.

I have one glyph per letter, and I iterate over my string to translate, scale and vgDrawPath each letter one by one, at each frame.

As I don’t think this solution to be very efficient, I thought of having one VGPath per string, so that I can only draw it once per frame, instead of going through each character. After all, if the string is not to be altered, there is no reason to iterate over it each frame, right ?

However, I don’t know how to append each letter path to the string path : I tried to replace each letter’s vgDrawPath by a vgAppendPath, but nothing appears on the screen when I draw the final path, maybe because the matrix is not taken into account when I call vgAppendPath (each character has got its own matrix with its position and scale).

Any clue ? I would really like not to iterate over each of my strings at each frame, I think that’s a very inefficient way of doing it…

Thanks :slight_smile: