Draw multiple squares using the Compute Shader

Hello, sorry I’m a beginner.

My desire is to render multiple quads using the compute shader but I have no idea what to write and how to start.

I could render multiple quads using Instancing and using Vertex Buffer Objects but I do not know how to do it with the compute shader.

Please guide me to do it or present me a solution
Thanks in advance

googl is awsome
something about compute shader

Why do you want to use a compute shader to do rendering? That typically isn’t the job of CS’s, so they’re not very good at it.

Do you want to do it for leaning purpose or you think it is the way to draw multiple quads?
in the second case, this is not the most appropriate way.
A very basic approach will be just call draw multiple times with different uniform variables for position for example.

Thanks for searching and picking out a good tutorial

@Alfonse_Reinheart @lilington
Thanks for the replies. I want to use different methods for drawing spheres and then compare their performance. Using the compute shader is one method.
I will try out your approach.