Draw into Buffer instade into window

Hi all.

I’m new in OpenGL/ Tao developing.
I have an application which displays image and drawing same simple drawing(Lines ,Shape ,etc.) on it(Using Graphics).

In this point of development i want to draw some complicated drawing (VRML base) , therefor i decided to use the Toa (OpenGl) to draw those complicated drawing.

My problem is that i want to draw those complicated drawing (using Tao)into same buffer( which will be like a new layer on my picture). I’ll use this buffer and the native Graphics capabilities to draw it over my picture.

I didn’t find any way to perform it.

Did someone already draw into buffer using Tao/OpenGL?
Is the only way to use Tao/OpenGl is to draw to window/control?

Best regards , Leon.

glReadPixels works for me nicely. Just let wgl have some valid HWND, I use my app’s main window. (but for perfect vista compatibility, some other hwnd is better to be provided, afaik - I don’t have Vista to try it on)

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