downloading opengl

ok, I understand first you need to go to your video card manufacturers website. Then see if it supports opengl.

If I right click on my desktop and go to “properties” and click the “settings” tab, it says "disaply: plug and play monitor on Inter(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics.

I go to google and type in “intel graphics card” I then select "Intel(R) Graphics Support - Home Page "

On this website, the first thing I see is a list of “desktop graphics controllers”:

Desktop graphics controllers

Intel® 82945G Express Chipset

Intel® 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset Family

Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller (Intel® 865G Chipset Family)

Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller (Intel® 845G Chipset Family)

Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller (Intel® 815 Chipset Family)

Intel® 82810 Graphics Controller (Intel® 810 Chipset Family)

I select the: “Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller (Intel® 845G Chipset Family)” since this description fits my video card the most. I hope its the same one.

I click on that and it takes me to a page that says “Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller” a list of differant categories for specific information is given, including frequenlty asked questions.

One of the frequenlty asked questions says “Are Intel Extreme Graphics Drivers compatible with DirectX* OpenGL* VESA/VBE*?”

I click on that and it says: “Many applications (especially games) require support for various video/graphics interface standards in order to function properly. Specific requirements for DirectX*, OpenGL* and VESA/VBE* standards are common. The Intel® 82845G graphics controller is fully compatible with all of these standards, allowing for a high quality gaming experience.”

This should mean my video card supports it.

I’m downloading the latest driver for my video card now. What do I do when I’m done?

What I’m really not sure about is if I have opengl installed on my video card driver, how do I access it to write my own programs? There needs to be some sort of integrated development environtment where I can edit, compile, and run programs. I’m really clueless.

I know basic C++ and want to get a book on begining openGL programming. But needless to say I’m having a lot of trouble understanding what I need and how to get it.

Check this site and OpenGL tutorials:


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