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I am having problems downloading glut on a linux system. I have tried installing both glut and mesa together and seperate several times. The first time I installed glut / mesa to my root directory. I fllowed the read me and there seemed to be no problems with the installation (however, i am not sure, I am also new to Linux). After the installation I tried to compile a program as a test but I had errors saying that many of the glu and gl header files and definition could not be found. I then tried installing the glut package to my /usr/src/ directory. I got the same errors when compiling. I also tried /usr/lib/, /usr/include and /usr/X11R6/ all of which gave me the same errors. I know the header files are available but for some reason they are not linking . When I compile I use gcc program.c -o program. I am in desperated need of help. I have spent several weeks trying to fix this problem. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated

Thank YOU


First of all glut & mesa should preferably be installed to /usr/lib, only the headers should be installed to /usr/include.

Once the libs have been installed to /usr/lib
you’ll need to run ldconfig, that is if the install didn’t automatically do it for you
doesn’t hurt to run it twice just to make sure…

open a terminal, su to root and run /sbin/ldconfig, like this:
su -c “/sbin/ldconfig”

To actually compile a program that links to glut (or any library) you need to tell the compiler to do so - “gcc program.c -o program” is not enough.

You’ll need to link to glut & gl and some basix X stuff, like this:

gcc program.c -lGL -lGLU -lX11 -lXext -lXmu -lXi -lm -o program

By the way, most modern Linux distro’s come with mesa already installed, so manually installing it is noramlly not neccesary.

Hope this helps…

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