Downloaded New Drivers, and no OpenGL.

To put it plainly, I use a Radeon 9800 Pro, and when I play Neverwinter Nights, it moves at a sluggish, unplayable rate.

To answer some questions, I installed the latest CATALYST Drivers, and all the other junk that comes with it. I tried messing with the hardware mouse (on or off), and configuring the video settings. I made sure that OpenGL was in my system folder, as well.

Funny thing is, is that this only game that runs sluggish. I play World of Warcraft, daily, without any problems that even remotely relate to this, and I’m almost positive WoW requires just as much of OpenGL as Neverwinter Nights does.

The culprit I find in OpenGL itself, and the fact that the latest or capatible version did not come with my latest drivers. It even says so, when I try to “test” my graphics with a 3D Video in CATALYST Manager. This confused me, as it might you too.

What is wrong with my OpenGL Drivers? Where do I go, and what do I do, to change them?

Well, considering that NWN uses DirectX… I don’t think it’s an OpenGL problem. :rolleyes:

NWN uses GL.

1.10: WindowsXP and OpenGL (Back to Top)
The default video drivers provided with Windows XP do not have robust Open GL support. Upgrade your drivers if you have Windows XP as soon as possible.
You can also download a Linux client for this game.

issue 1.11

I have an ATI video card and even though my system meets the hardware requirements I still get poor performance. (Back to Top)
I think the OP is aware of this and has tried the recommendation, but it obviously doesn’t work for him.

I can suggest to try an older driver.

It seems that Bioware is well aware that NWN runs like crap on Radeons but they dont really give a damn, neither does ATI.

Can you say catch-22?

Anyway its not an OpenGL issue per se, just bad luck.