Download OpenGL 1.2 SDK

Hey -
Maybe I am just confused here, but is there somewhere that I can download the latest version of OpenGL. I have been developing on v1.1 (which installs with Win2k), but I would like to use some of the newer features (namely GL_LIGHT_MODEL_COLOR_CONTROL so that I can apply specular lighting on textures). Is there somewhere I can download the latest OpenGL version? I have searched a bit on this site, and only found the specification files. Thanks.
-lost hope

I assume you’re using windows … in which case there is no newer version of opengl32.dll - however you video card will have the newer version effectively ‘embedded’ into it’s drivers … but you have to use opengl ‘extensions’ to access these features!

search the net for tutorials on extensions

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Ah - ok, that makes sense. Thanks a lot!