Down loading problem from Microsoft


I am VERY NEW to OpenGL. I need some help to get started. I followed the instructions on the OpenGL website and started to configure my PC. However, I got problems when I tried to download OpenGL from the Microsoft’s FTP site. The link :

is not working. Is there any other alternative site that I can download the OpenGL.exe for Windows-XP?

All the help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

I thank you very much. My first problem is resolved. However, I have problems with locating the following files for my set-up :



I am supposed to have 9 set-up files. I have found only four (all lib files and one header file : glut.h). I downloaded GLUT but it does not have these files. Any suggestions?

Thank you again.

Dont do that!

If you have hw accelerated OpenGL you need only good driver and C/C++ compiler with OpenGL headers and libs.

If you install that sw package from MS site you’ll OpenGL will run in software mode.


I finally got installation in place. Every thing seems OK (at the time being!). As yoyoo recommended, I will not be installing opengl95.exe.

Thank you very much!

You may take a look on
This site have nice tutorials for beginners.


this is

Yooyo, you’re missing a v :smiley:

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