Doubts : Is my graphics card ok for OpenGL??

I use a “Matrox MGA-G200 AGP” graphics card.
Do you know, if this graphics card supports OpenGL? What happens, if a graphic card does not support OpenGL? Does the program run at all, or just behaves slow or strange??

If it doesn’t support OpenGL it will probably run slowly in software and may not have features needed by apps which may then abort, look strange or just have basic rendering instead of the coolest 3D effects.

You can try download glview from:
This utility gives you more information about your card and supported version of openGL and extesnions.

this card is quite old isn’t it?

goto and get glinfo that tells you whatever information is available about your card.

if your card is not capable of doing opengl things in hardware then the software implementation jumps in but only as far as the software implements things.

I use glinfo2 from Delphi3d also, but you could just look here:

This is pretty basic stuff, and there’s no telling how good the implementation is (Matrox has a BAD reputation for OpenGL driver quality). They’re history for a reason, they hung on longer than they should have been able to due to their dual video out and 2D reputation. Time to spend $45 (includes shipping) I’d say :-).

That should get you this featuretastic goodness with the right drivers: