Doubt about OpenMax/OpenML compatibility


I´m developing a Game Engine from scratch and all 3D part of my engine i use OpenGL.
Now i want develop the “Multimidia” part of my engine where i need code for Sound and Video.

Looking at OpenMax description , is exactly what i need, but on the description, it´s avaliable only for mobile devices…and worst my engine is for PC workstations(Linux, OSX and Windows) , where the only one present is OpenML…

Can someone help me with the follow questions?

01- OpenMax can be used for PC?
02- Open ML are still actieve? , or this project not progress, and are not being used by hardware companies?
03- If i develop using OpenMax or OpenML , can i get the actual hardware companies where have hardware compatible with OpenML/OpenMax Specifications?

I´m worring about start developing with this specifications, but at the end not exist any hardware compatible to run it…

Kind Regards