Double Window close problem

Hi all,

Im my application, i am using double window display funda.

I mean, i have displayed map, and after some time, when i press the key(which ever i define) I am able to display on the more window ( using glutCreatWindow()).

Now the problem comes here, when i close the newely created window, the old window also getting closed. How i can stop the window getting closed.


One more problem, what i’m facing is FLICKERING effect for both the displayed windows.

Even though i’m using, GLUT_DOUBLE.

Please help me come out of this problem also.



I got the solution for closing the 2nd window only.

I used the below function to get rid of the problem.

void glutDestroyWindow(int win).

Now still i’m facing the flickering effect for both the windoes.

please help me to solve the issue.