Double-sided materials

Hi all,

I would like to see an example of usage for the DOUBLE_SIDED semantic attribute or name. In the specifications, there is an example:

            <newparam sid="blah">

Unfortunately, this has no context nor does it seem to work for me. What element is this embedded in? There is very little documentation for this feature, so I would appreciate a concrete example.

I tried the following with no success.

<effect id=“Effect18986”>
<newparam sid=“doublesided”>
<technique sid=“Finishes_x0020_-x0020_Interior_x0020-_x0020_Gypsum_x0020_Wall_x0020_Board”>
<color>0.976471 0.976471 0.976471 1.000000</color>

The application your developing or testing with has to support parameters in effects and that one in particular. I’m guessing it doesn’t (yet) and so the parameter is ignored.

You declare your <newparam> in the effect (or profile) and if you want to change its value then you can do that with a <setparam> in the appropriate material’s <instance_effect>.