double sided geometry

In Max you can set a material to be ‘double sided’ so that any geometry the material is applied to is shown as double sided.

In Maya you can set the geometry to be double sided.

The Maya COLLADA plug-in provides additional Maya specific data to describe double-sided geometry. The Max COLLADA plug-in ignores the ‘double sided’ flag on the material.

Will ‘double sided’ be added to the 1.4 specification? It would be nice to have this as a standard param on the material for both Max, Maya and all the other DCC tools.

The current design opinion is that double-sided-ness is a domain specific property of rendering or physics or whatever. For rendering it would belong in the COLLADA material definition. For physics and collisions it would be in the <physics_material>.

So will this property be defined in the COLLADA 1.4 spec in materials, or will it remain as a Maya/Max specific addition?