Door animation


I am still beginner in OpenGL …and I designed a house of two rooms with a separating wall and a door.

I just want to press (Space) to open the door and press (Space) to close it.

any help?

I am a beginner and I designed two rooms with a door between them.

But I can not animate it.

I want to press space to open and space to close .

Any help will be appreciated .

Thanks in advance.

This is a duplicate of your previous post. Asking it again won’t make it more likely to be answered.

What have you tried?

Sorry for this

You can consider that I haven’t tried as my knowledge is limited in this part

But I think double buffer would be helpful

mhagain - Just wanted to let you know that even if the OP evidently didn’t read it, I did, and I enjoyed it.

Wasted effort as far as the OP goes, but that probably wasn’t entirely unexpected, huh?


… I can not animate it.
Break it down into small steps. Forget about the animation at first. Can you generate the same scene with the door opened 30 degs? That would be a big step towards your goal.