DoomIII & GeForce Fx5200

I setup the doomIII beta2 then run
but it don’t work!
gray screen later white lines are slide down on the black screen
what want the game?

Its a illegal leaked beta you arent supposed to have.

It doesnt work? Cry me a river.


/bay’t*/, /be’t*/ or (Commonwealth) /bee’t*/ n. 1. Mostly
working, but still under test; usu. used with in': in beta’. In
the Real World, systems (hardware or software) software often go
through two stages of release testing: Alpha (in-house) and Beta
(out-house?). Beta releases are generally made to a group of lucky
(or unlucky) trusted customers. 2. Anything that is new and
“His girlfriend is in beta” means that he is still
testing for compatibility and reserving judgment. 3. Flaky;
dubious; suspect (since beta software is notoriously buggy).

what want the game?

no i want some GRAMMAR and SENSE. that sentance is a perfect example of a beta.

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Originally posted by Bahamut:
that sentance is a perfect example of a beta.