Doom 3 to use opengl

Is it true that Doom 3 will use openGL for graphics? Obviously it will have to use DX9 for input.

Doom3 uses OGL for rendering, and PROBABLY dinput for input, i doubt it will use DX for anything except input. Historically id games dont use DX beyong input.

yeah, and that’s opengl 2.0 ! Certainly one of the very first games to use it.

OpenGL 2.0? I don’t see how since, AFAIK, the final spec is not finished yet, so implementations can’t be expected anytime soon.

EDIT : obviously I meant that specification phase is not finished Hey that was 2AM when I typed this

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Well they have got till the end of summer because thats when Doom III will be out

The game will have the option of using several different rendering pipelines. They will probably release an OpenGL 2.0 renderer for the game, well after the release of the game. Much like when the original GL renderer for Quake was released long after the release of Quake.

What good alternatives are there to DirectX for input?

Carmack mentioned testing OpenGL 2.0 shading on an early Parahelia. It worked but it’s not clear he’ll release an OpenGL 2 path for the game. There may not be much point when you consider he is releasing a path for ARB_fragment and various other paths that will perform very well and detect the appropriate extensions at runtime.

You really have to define what you mean by OpenGL 2 when you make claims like this.

It probably uses DirectSound as well, so you need to have DX3 at minimum.

DInput is nothing. You can easily code that yourself.

I was always able to run Quake 2. Quake 3 and many other GL games on WinNT, and I’m guessing it’s the same for Doom3