dont laugh! open gl support for matrox mystique?

Hi all,

ok so ive got a real old graphics card- matrox mystique and have tried to run MOH and got the open gl subsystem error, ive downloaded all the relevant bits but wanna know if the matrox mystique actually supports Open Gl befor ei burn the drivers and take them home…

i know this is a real old card and i should get a new one but dont have room inside my pc for it…and would really like to get some games working:

pentium 2
448 MB Ram
20 Gig Mem
matrox mystique (2MB hehe) :eek:



Not a chance, dude.


cool, any reason why?


a.) The Mystique only had very basic 3d functionality (it couldnt even do bilinear interpolation) and was dead-slow in comparision even when it was new 6-7 years ago.
b.) 2MB barley hold a doubled buffered 640x480x16Bit screen with a 16Bit zbuffer. No room for textures.

Hence you will always get software-only OpenGL which games refuses to use (for obvious speed reasons).

Furthermore games like MOHAA have minimum requirements that must be meet (usually printed on the box and found in the readme.txt.

I personly dont know a single game (not even old ones) that would get hardware 3d on your card.

Its really a 2d only card.

cheers for the advanced answers that does help!

right off to ebay for me to get an nvidia!