domVertices input

I’m using DOM 1.4.1 and try to export some geometry in COLLADA.

Usually there is a define for every possible createAndPlace argument. For vertices in a geometry we need to specify at least one input with POSITION semantic. Right?

The thing is how do you add an input to vertices? I don’t have a COLLADA_ELEMENT_INPUT to use for the domVertices::createAndPlace. I’ve used “input” string dirrectly and it seems to work. Is this the right way to do it?


Hey Licu,

Unfortunately the answer is yes. That is the best way for you to do it. The problem is with the DOM code generator and how it makes those constant strings. It does it all based on type and not element names. So for some elements (input is a prime example of it) there isn’t a constant for it because there is no “input” type. There are constants for INPUTLOCAL and INPUTLOCALOFFSET but those don’t matter because they’re not what you need.

I have been thinking about changing the code generator to fix this behavior but haven’t had the time yet. Maybe soon.