Does order of triangles matter?

Hi all,

I have a model that consists of large numbers of triangles.
Some of these triangles are too large (for selection purposes), so I decided to break the bigger ones down into smaller ones if the area is above a threshold.

That works, however there is a discoloration problem now. The smaller (broken down) triangles are often dark gray instead of white. I am also adding any new triangles to the end of my array, rather than inserting them at the point of the original. So I am wonder, does the order in which triangles are presented to OpenGL matter?

My other thought was that this is a problem of normal vectors pointing inward instead of outward but I have not yet looked into that…


Not in the kind of scenario you’re talking about, no it doesn’t matter. You can quickly check your normals theory be enabling two-sided lighting:


That didn’t fix it, so something else is going on here.