Does OpenGL work on Rage LT Pro video card

I like to know if “Rage LT Pro” video card works with OpenGL. The card says it be 3D. I just realized Q-2 is using software for video. Win 98 screen savers 3D text uses OpenGL. Am I right. Then why is Q II and Q III not working with OpenGL ???
I have a Compaq 400mhz AMD K-6 II with 128 megs of memory and 10 gig hard drive. I did not try out the GLSetup beta thing yet that came with Quake III Arena. Not going to try it till I get some kind of answer first.

Hi Big Mike Ask Ati if your card is full OpenGL, about GLSetup i think you better install it, couse it helps Q3.


Thank you much with the info. I did send a e-mail there way to find out if Rage LT Pro support OpenGL. Funny that Quake II and III does not on my computer. When the stupid screensaver does. Wierd as all heck. (smile)