does OpenGL 2.0 will remain extensions ? and ...

I’d like to know if OpenGL 2.0 will keep the extensions, Arb and proprietary extensions ?

I hope no… that anyone work free together for the best graphic library ever implemented.

This may be a dream therefore.


It’s suppose to be backwards compatible.

It’s not even clear if a new ICD mechanism will be offered or anything.

It would be nice to hear an official statement by ATI, NVidia, 3Dlabs, Matrox, etc about their plans on 2.0 … how do they plan to support it, how much work has been done so far, …

I would also like to know if there will be a 1.5 and what will be including in the new core. I’m get the feeling that there will not be a 1.5

Not a suggestion but important questions nontheless.

not all backward in fact: what was not objects won’t be able to be compatible… however with means less powerful.

It will be great there will have no more extensions… but technology go forward such in a quick way that I wonder if it will be possible.

I don’t know about 1.5, but i don’t think it will have one… just developping longer for 2.0, i think.

By the way, does so know what will be the default language for ? C, C++ ?

It will be great there will have no more extensions

2.0 can (and, almost certainly will) have extensions just like 1.x. Where do you think 2.1, 2.2, etc. will come from?

Originally posted by jide:
By the way, does so know what will be the default language for ? C, C++ ?[/b]

Almost certainly C. You just can’t write portable software with C++ bindings (portable wrt to not only platforms, but also compilers).
C++ compilers all use their own name decoration. You can’t use a C++ class written in MSVC (or MingW for that matter) in a Delphi or Java project.

I don’t believe the 1.x specs mention anyting about a preferred or “default” programming language. GL2 will probably be the same.

yes it should: I was just hoping for.
In all casis, as there are ports of Opengl under delphi ie.

However, if extensions are the best way to do the evolution (as I can’t know…), so go for them.