Does Java support OpenGL programming? Wait Online

Would any one please tell me whether OpenGL programe could be developed in a Java environment?
If yes,how to deploy the workspace? I mean using
Thanks a lot.I’m a newer to OpenGL and Java.

Yes it´s possible. Although i don´t know much about it.

Google for “gl4Java” or so, i´m not sure. Or take a look at, i think some tutorials there were ported to Java.


Of course it does!

GL4Java used to be the binding of choice, but it’s old and outdated now. Try these instead:

Thank you for your replay~

I travelled all the sites you mentioned.
My machine is Windows 2000,IE6.0 with J2se1.4.1,However,GL4Java failed to installed.

Yet I cannot find adequate information on deployment from it’s
because I’m too brand-new :confused: ,and
missed the point?
Please help me.How to deploy the work environment?

JOGL is still very embryonic - they really need to work on the documentation, and there isn’t even a numbered release of it available yet, just nightly builds. I don’t know of any install guide other than posts people have made at, and don’t know enough about it myself to help you. Sorry!

However, LWJGL is a different matter - the website has just been updated with some useful info, the release is currently on 0.89 and 0.9 is expected in two weeks. After 0.9 a lot more documentation will become available as part of the push to 1.0.

There’s a good installation guide for LWJGL at including for setting up Eclipse, if you use that IDE.

Since the last 3 weeks, i’v been busy with my database course design,and now i’m here to thank
you all for your help.Thank you very much!
I’ve learned a lot from the experience ,though to this day i haven’t yet known how to code with java for opengl,which because the document i downloaded is pure English,and my English power is low:-)