Does glfwTerminate() clean everything?

I’m using GLFW. At the start of my app I create a glContext and some gl objects (textures, buffers,…). It all happends in a thread apart and when I need to close my app I call in the main thread:

	_glContext = nullptr;

Is it a proper way to clean up everything or should I go through my objects and do a glDelete before??

In the absence of other information, I would do what the GLFW examples do:

    glfwDestroyWindow(window);  // Optional

According to the GLFW docs, glfwTerminate()destroys all remaining windows and cursors, restores any modified gamma ramps and frees any other allocated resources”. So calling glfwTerminate() alone is sufficient.

Is there a way or a tool to check if it did clean everything or not? I’m working with VisualStudio 2017 and I have an NVIDIA graphic card.